Saudi Arabia is a pioneering investment force.

Our country has huge investment capabilities and we will strive to be an engine for our economy and an additional source for our country.

The vision of Saudi Arabia 2030 underscores the importance of diversifying the economy and expanding investments in various sectors, especially the ICT sector.

“Vision 2030 highlighted the sectors that will be the key force for diversification of the economy.” We will support the promising sectors and strive to make them a new force for our economy.

We will be in the process of localizing the ICT sector, and we will strengthen our investments in the digital economy and telecommunications to take a leading position in this sector.

“ Arrab Telecom and Information Technology Company Our objectives and mission are in line with Vision 2030, especially with regard to the localization of the ICT sector, attracting foreign direct investment and providing rewarding employment opportunities for Saudi nationals.